Giveaway: KINGDOM OF THE WICKED by Kerri Maniscalco! Ends 10/26

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* Hardcover from any US retailer (including the Barnes & Noble exclusive)

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If you are an international reader, you can purchase KINGDOM OF THE WICKEDfrom Premiere Collectibles to receive the pre-order prizes. Simply pre-ordering the book from the Premiere Collectibles website will get you the items. There is no need to submit a form if you pre-order from Premiere Collectibles. Your items will be shipped with your book. 

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Giveaway: CINDERELLA IS DEAD Kalynn Bayron! End 7/6

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Giveaway deadlines:

  1. For US and Canada entrants, submit your proof by 11:59 PM on July 6, 2020
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  3. For AUS/NZ entrants, submit your proof by 11:59 PM by August 31, 2020

Giveaway: A sky Beyond the Storm by sabaa Tahir

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Submit your A SKY BEYOND THE STORM pre-order receipt to receive an exclusive deluxe Ember keepsake box!

*Entry must include an image of your receipt – PDFs are not valid. One entry per email address. All valid entries to Phase 1, will automatically receive Phase 2 gift and do not need to re-enter.

Giveaway! Murderbot Series by Martha Wells

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Monday, April 20: All Systems Red (Book 1)(Expires 6 AM April 21)
Tuesday, April 21: Artificial Condition (Book 2)(Expires 6 AM April 22)
Wednesday, April 22: Rogue Protocol (Book 3)(Expires 6 AM April 23)
Thursday, April 23: Exit Strategy (Book 4)(Expires 6 AM April 24)

book Review: Dutch girl: audrey hepburn and world war II

Dutch Girl: Audrey Hepburn and World War 2 by author Robert Matzen. Reviewed by Maria Mitchell, courtesy of The Crow and Dagger blog.

A lifelong Audrey Hepburn fan, I have read quite a few books about Audrey’s life but this book contained a few gems I had never read about before. It was interesting learning that both of Audrey’s parents were supporters of Hitler before the war, the reasons why Audrey’s father left her at such a young age, Audrey’s love of dance, the murder of her uncle, her similarities with Anne Frank and Otto Frank asking her to play Anne in a movie, her efforts in the resistance, getting picked up by the Nazi’s and escaping, and so forth.

These facts were fascinating and some of them were new to me. However the majority of this book was about the war and her experiences through it. I find it’s difficult to keep books about war interesting because it’s not something I usually enjoy reading. So I found much of this book slow in pace and if I hadn’t loved reading about Audrey Hepburn so much I don’t know if I would have kept reading. Audrey Hepburn was a wonderful role model who lived much of her life in service of others, this book gave me an opportunity to learn how the war and her childhood shaped her to be a hero.

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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