BookCon 2017 at Javits Center June 3-4

This was my first time attending BookCon. Let’s get this out of the way first… It was amazing and yes, I will be returning in 2018😊

Saturday – I showed up at 8 am spent the first 15-20 minutes trying to figure out where to go. By the time I found where I was supposed to line up I was about 100 people from the front of the third line. I am guessing here but each line depending on how packed they were could hold anywhere between 750 to 1500 people. I spent most of the day just wandering aimlessly and falling in to line for books I wasn’t sure about. I did find myself in lines for giveaways I had planned for but for the most part following a set schedule was difficult if not impossible. There are many reason for this, a few being; lines being capped, a line is so long the time it would take to get through you end up missing out on something else, and/or giveaway time conflicts. I felt like a lot of the major event (giveaways, panels, signing) either didn’t leave you with enough time to show up early enough to get a spot or straight out over lapped each other.


Sunday – I showed up at 5 am and there was about 30+ people in front of me. I heard someone say they showed up at 3am. I was happy where I was. 😊 By the time they let us in the door (which was about 8am) and lined us up to enter the show room floor I ended up being about 100 people from the front of the first line…. I was still happy with this but let me tell you the security was not happy with us. The Cassandra Clare autograph tickets sold out in the first 30 second of opening on May 22nd. So, I made sure I was able to see Cassie in the Out of the Shadows panel. Here is a little secret (BookCon may change this rule in the future) they do not clear panel rooms (as long as they are NOT main stage panels). So, with that said…. I lined up for Justice for DC and YA Heroes panel which had some of my MOST favorite authors! Sarah J Maas, Leigh Bardugo, Maire Lu, and Matt de la Pena😊 Let me tell you they did not disappoint! I was among the first in the door and was able to snag a seat in the front room. I was one happy girl!


“Are the panels worth missing all the opportunities for ARC drops, giveaways, and booth signings?” I have come a cross this question more than once, from people online and at BookCon, so I thought it would be a good idea to address it on here. To answer the question, it depends, I wanted to see Cassandra Clare and the DC panel because I miss out on the autograph tickets for Sarah J Maas and Cassandra Clare. So, was it worth it? It was to me but I did miss out on all the major ARC drops, giveaways, and booth signings. It really just depends on where your priorities are.

Here are some lessons learned:

  • Bring water and a snack
  • Do NOT bring a rolling bag (they don’t let rolling bags on the show room floor so they will make you check them in) or a bag you do not plan on carrying around all day. Unless you have someone to check it in for you while you get in line for the show room floor. Sunday, I showed up at 5 am and had a pack of books that need to be shipped home. Let just say it was a long day and my shoulders and feet hated me for days after.
  • Shipping books home…. There is a FedEx office on the second floor of the Javits center. They did alter their hours for this event. BUT you will pay!!!!! I shipped 17 lbs of books to Portland Or. It cost me 90 bucks. Next year I am going to bring an empty large suitcase and check it in at the airport.
  • If you plan to wait in line for more than 30 minutes to an hour, bring a butt cushion… It will save your rump……
  • Sweepstakes: There are several last minute sweepstake announcements that happen right up until BookCon Starts. Make sure to check the site for any updates or watch for announcements on social media.

My Loot 



Delta Airlines is an affordable friendly way to travel if you find yourself traveling. Their flight attendants and pilots are very friendly and professional. My only complaint would be their IOS mobile app. I attempted to check-in through the app as soon as check-in was available which happened to be early in the morning (lucky I start work at 5 am). Went through all the steps to complete the transaction. The app told me my check-in was completed….. Went through my day thinking everything was good. Because I don’t fly that often, I was a little paranoid, so I double checked. Guess what???? I was not checked in…..Ugh…. I ended up checking-in through their web site which worked great!


Yotel is a very affordable and a great place to stay.  It’s short pleasant walk to Javits Center. The rooms are small so if you plan to share a room with someone make sure you don’t mind being cozy or bathroom friendly with them.

Yotel NYC

570 10th Ave, New York, NY 10036

Phone: (646) 449-770

Favorite Restaurant:

Out of all the small eatery’s I went to during my stay Rustic Table was by far my favorite! This place has great atmosphere and wonderful staff. The food is AMAZING!!! I had Shakshuka for breakfast it was light, delicious, and filling. My only suggest for this dish would be to order the egg poached hard, it will probably still turn out medium. To drink I had the Cappuccino and it was perfect. This was how good the Croissants are, I ordered one to go shoved it in my bag walked around BookCon all day with it, then the next morning I ate a very squished but still delicious croissant.

Rustic Table

504 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036

Phone: (212) 244-0744


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  1. Sounds like you had as much fun as I did! Thanks for the tips about the hotel and restaurant, I’ll definitely have to keep those in mind for next year 🙂

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