LitJoyCrate Box Break – July’s Slight of Hand Theme

So….. Let me just get this out there. This was my first time recording myself attempting and badly failing at show casing….well anything. With that said, here are my lessons learned.

  1. Read about what you are show casing first. I watched my husband record baseball card breaks and some how I thought this would be as easy as he made it look. lol

Yep….. That’s my only suggestion for now.  I have had this box for almost a month now and I know…….Why the hell did I not open it sooner. Well the simple truth is my life has been just ridiculousness busy.

July’s Theme – Slight of Hand

What’s in the box????

  1. The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell – This book came with a signed book plate. I have not had a chance to read it just it looks amazing. I will let you know what I think as soon as I do.
  2. Jane Austen Playing Cards designed by Prospero Art – I haven’t opened them yet. My son and I cards all the time….so soon:)
  3. Orange Blossom Perfume Roller by Wick and Fable –  This smells amazing but it’s not a scent I would wear. It’s more a smell you would want your room to smell like. I would definitely by theirs candles based off the smell of the perfume.
  4. Book Locket Necklace (designer not listed) – Made of Zinc Alloy. It came with a cute little description.  Its…….. ok. I’m sure if I was 20 years younger it would be awesome.
  5. New York Jazz coloring book by Walter Foster Studio – This was a great addition to the crate. I will definitely be buy some other coloring books as gift to people I know that like to color! The store part of the site was down when I was looking for a link to share. I found these for sell on Amazon.
  6. Inej Artist Print by Stephanie Brown – You really need to check out her site, she is amazing! I have seen her art shared all over the internet. I’m glad to put a face and name to the this fabulous art work.

Over all rating  5/5 ——– I loved it and its totally worth the money. The book alone would would cost you $12-19 bucks (depending on when and where you bought it).  So 30 bucks isn’t to bad. It’s like getting special swag which I love.

I will post August Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo theme tomorrow!!




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