LitJoy Crate Break – August Theme: Wonder Woman!

Little back story why I start ordering LitJoy Crate –  This summer I was able to attend BookCon and it was amazing. I met lots on wonderful people there, including the ladies that founded LitJoy Crate. I happened to setting next to them for the D.C. panel. They were really down to earth and great at marketing. Well…. it did not take much convincing once they told me their August theme was featuring Leigh Bardugo’s Wonder Woman: Warbringers! Eeeekkk….Sold

August Theme – Wonder Woman

  1. Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo – Starting this book tonight!!! It came with a signed book plate, wonder woman tattoo, and a book mark.
  2. Bubble Trouble Bath Bomb by  A Court of Candles: This stuff smells wonderful! The scent was called Cauldron Bubble: Autumn harvest – peach – Apple – Pear. Sooo…. I’m not a bath taker but my 8 year old son loves them. He saw the word bubbles and volunteered to take a bath to test this bath bomb out. It did not make his bath bubbly like he was hoping but I fixed that:) The bomb dyed the water black but when the tub drained there was no residue which made me happy. He smelled like a peach! It was not over powering at all and really quit pleasant. I would definitely buy this product and recommend it to others.
  3. Amazon Oath Pillow Cover – Art created by Alexis: lol….I thought this was a pouch or a bag when I first saw it. It looks great and feels silky. I will have to get a pillow for it.
  4. Themysscira Candle by A Court of CandlesI’m burning it right now:) Really!!! I’m not sure if A Court of Candles sells anything that smells bad. This place is definitely going on my places to shop for gifts list:) For me or others but mainly me:)
  5. Kaz and Inej Print by LimeTown – Love love love this piece! It’s going in a frame!
  6. WW Button – LitJoy Creative – These are great! I love them and so does my kid. Which has ran off with two of them already:)
  7. Lasso of Truth Necklace – LitJoy Creative – Made of zinc alloy gold plated. I wont wear it but its cute.

Over all rating 5/5 — I love it 🙂

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