Book Review: Witching for Grace

Witching for Grace by Deanna Chase. Reviewed by Maria Mitchell courtesy of The Crow and Dagger blog.

This book already has a special history to it. Thirteen authors including Deanna wrote new books about women nearing middle age and all that entails  to try and break the common stereotypical female mold in books. 

My summary:

Grace Valentine’s world just changed when her husband divorced her to get engaged to their secretary from their joint real estate business. Grace is now forty-five years old, down a husband and a job, oh yeah and she’s a witch with a coven. Her only hope of employment in her small town is a rival real estate company. She interviews and she will be hired contingent she can sell the haunted properties she is assigned. In addition her niece moved in with her and worrying about her sister, she also has the cute 34-year-old at her new office making his interest in her known. 

What’s a witch to do?

My review:

I really enjoyed how the blended genres in this book. It’s a book about witchcraft and ghosts but also chick lit with it’s romance, sisterhood, and new beginnings. The genres seem like they shouldn’t be compatible but definitely propels the story along and keeps it at a steady and interesting pace. Also I need to throw in a mention about how gorgeous the cover art is. 

Grace is a likeable, relatable and resourceful character. She has no qualms about going to her ex-husband’s rival for a job. Nor does she let her ex walk all over her. She’s feisty and able to stand up for herself. She’s also incredibly caring which really makes her likable. She has a wonderful sisterhood with her coven and has made lasting friends. But she also allows her niece to come stay with her when she’s not able to stay with Grace’s sister anymore. The niece is smart and funny and able to often give Grace the pushes she needs. Like jumping back into the dating pool with a younger man. And these scenes were very spicy but also had a real element of romance and sweetness to them. Owen is definitely a keeper. 

Now for the paranormal aspect of the book. I really liked how the author incorporated a witch as the main character but also haunted stories too. And how Grace deals with the ghost actually makes sense unlike in most books, she uses her head to work with the hauntings. She also discovers some new facets to her witchy powers and figures out she’s accidentally been cursing people, including her ex with certain let’s say uncomfortable hexes. But just to show how nice of a character she is, she feels remorse and tries to put these hexes to right, no matter how deserved they might be. 

All in all, this was a very fun read and I am hoping to read more books in this series. 

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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