Book Review: Second Chance Magic

Second Chance Magic by Michelle M. Pillow. Reviewed by Maria Mitchell courtesy of The Crow and Dagger blog.

This book already has a special history to it. Thirteen authors including Michelle wrote new books about women nearing middle age and all that entails  to try and break the common stereotypical female mold in books. 

My summary: A woman in her forties, Lorna discovers she was her husband’s second wife at his funeral, and is now in need of a fresh start. She takes a new job in a different town, starts to make some new friends and crushes on her boss’s brother. However when she and her two new friends discover three lost rings their lives truly take a magical turn. 

My review:  

Lorna was pretty easy to relate to by finding out something terrible about someone she was grieving and getting no closure. Also her public embarrassment and then trying to start over. And wondering if she should start something new. 

 I also really liked how the author dived in with creating a camaraderie between Lorna and her new friends Vivian and Heather. All three women are very different but easy to see why they’re friends (and become witches) together. Vivian was easily my favorite character. These three women are friendship goals. They aren’t afraid to empower each other both literally and emotionally.

The pacing in this book felt a little slow in the beginning but quickly picked up. I thought the story-line flowed well and kept me entertained. 

   The romance wasn’t rushed too much but there were a few things a little weird with the romance which I am not sure came across well as a reader. It made the romantic interest odd at times. He grew in my eyes later but I wasn’t feeling any chemistry for probably the first half of the book.

  The magic in the book had a very “Charmed” feel to it. These women weren’t ever aware they had powers and have several mishaps while learning to control them. It made the magic and what they did with their magic believable. Because who wouldn’t want to have a seance to yell at an ex?

  I will definitely read more in this series!

My rating: 4 out 5 stars.

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