Stephanie Perkins, Laini Taylor, Jim Di Bartolo Event at Powell’s Books

Alright guys if you are into slasher books and/or movies? Then Stephanie Perkins is your girlūüėČ That woman reminds me of the witch and the delicious house made of candy from Hansel and Gretel. With her sweet smile, shy alluring personality, and her beautiful house with disturbing hidden surprises. She lures you into complacency and rips your world apart by writing a delightfully disturbing epic slasher book.

And let not forget forget about Laini Taylor and Jim Di Bartolo. These two are quite the duo. Though I have not had the chance to read Cake and Puppets, its in the next to read stack. The illustrations are beautiful which is not surprising considering who their maker is. Strange the Dreamer on the other hand I have read and it is delightful. It’s about a humble librarian that ends up going on an epic life changing adventure. That will leave him and the people of weep forever changed, for better or worse.¬† I highly recommend it. Like really!!! You have to read it!!! It’s sooooo goooood.

The Cover Redesign for A Reaper at the Gates by Sabaa Tahir

I’m a little behind on voicing my opinion on the cover reveal/redesign for A Reaper at the Gates. I have mixed feelings on the cover’s makeover and don’t get me wrong, I really like the new look. They kind of have an Assassin’s Creed feel. Though, if I had to choose between the new and the old it would be the original design. In my opinion it just it fit the story better. I know Sabaa wanted the makeover to showcase an empowered brown girl, which is awesome. But now my set will be miss matched and if I want the whole series to match then I will have to repurchase book 1 & 2, plus the task of getting them signed. I love Sabaa’s but at some point how many copies do I need. ¬†Ok, I’m done with my first world problems rant……

PS I really do like the cover redesign, I just think I like the original better:) Also, here is the link to the article announcing this redesign.




Finished Tower of Dawn!!!

I just finished and I dont have the words to write a proper review. For now I will just say: This book made me cry twice…. I NEVER cry…. It is definitely an emotional roller coaster and I LOVED it every last damn word!

Giveaway Alert!! Pre-Order Renegades By Marissa Meyer!! Ends 11/6/17

Are you a Renegade or an Anarchist? Pre-order Renegades and choose your side! 


Marissa Meyer on tour for Renegades 

Giveaway Alert!! Before She Ignites by Jodi Meadows!!

Check out her blog for more info – Chick here

Here’s how you can get this:

2. Take a photo of the receipt/forward your order confirmation/take a screenshot ¬†‚ÄĒ send proof to
3. Make sure you include your address exactly as it needs to be on the envelope. Put your name and address on the very top of the email so I can find it without searching.
4. International fans are welcome:). (If you’re not in the USA, be extra clear about your address.)
5. If you preorder multiple copies, yes, you get multiple cards. One for each copy. Tell me at the top of the email, along with your address.
6. While supplies last

Note: I didn’t see when this ends but I assume 9/11/17.

Giveaway Alert!! Pre-Order RETRIBUTION RAILS by Erin Bowman!! Ends 11/7/17

Retribution Rails swag

If you pre-order Retribution Rails before November 7th, you’re eligible to receive (while supplies last):

  • Kate & Jesse¬†‚ÄĒ an exclusive novella set after the events of¬†Vengeance Road¬†and only available via this preorder campaign!
  • 1¬†Retribution Rails¬†bookmark
  • 1 signed¬†Retribution Rails¬†bookplate
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  • 1¬†Vengeance Road¬†laptop decal
  • 2¬†Vengeance Road¬†quote cards

Check out Erin’s blog for the how to:)

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