Giveaway Alert! Wicked King by Holly Black! Ends 1/7/19

This is one book I am REALLY looking forward to! I received the ARC at BookCon 2017 for Cruel Prince but I couldn’t get my hands on an ARC for Wicked King so it’s been an EXTRA long wait:(

Details Here!

Preorder The Wicked King by Holly Black and submit your proof of purchase to receive a FREE enamel pin (to strike fear into your adversaries) and bookmark (to mark your place, though you’ll probably read the book so quickly that you won’t need it, in which case the bookmark can remind you of the awesomeness of The Wicked King while reading your next book).

Reviewish: The Smoke in the Sun by Renee Ahdieh

I don’t normally write reviews but this book left me with so many questions that I felt I needed to talk about. Don’t get me wrong I liked this story, I mean it’s no Mistborn or Throne of Glass but its a cute little love story with a fierce woman and badass male warriors, whats like to like about that. The whole story was enjoyable up until the ending and it’s not even that it was terrible just very very very abrupt. I feel like Renee cheated herself and the readers out of a great ending. I wonder if she planned for this to be a trilogy and then at the last minute was told no. This story needs at least another 100 pages. I just wanted more, hell even needed more from the ending. There are just too many loose ends. Like what’s up with the handprint??? What happened to Kenshin or even Tsuneoki.

The story is a 4 the ending is like a 2.

Giveaway Alert! Divider Umbertouched by Livia Blackburne! Ends 11/6

Details here

All pre-orders will receive:

  • signed bookplate
  • signed bookmark
  • signed Zivah and Dineas art print
  • alternate ending for Umbertouched (emailed)

Orders from Once Upon a Time (US only, INTL option):

  • signed first edition of Umbertouched
  • all previously listed swag
  • set of Diadem and Scrawny magnetic bookmarks

Additional Swag (see details for instructions):

  • Zivah and Dineas magnetic bookmarks

Giveaway Alert! Pre-Order Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean! Ends 11/6

Details here

All pre-orders will receive:

  • bookmark
  • signed bookplate
  • unique collectible Yokai card

Grand Prize (1 winner):

  • signed copy of Empress of All Seasons
  • lucky Tanuki pin
  • origami charm necklace
  • personalized Japanese calligraphy print
  • Kokeshi doll
  • Kindle fire pre-loaded with Emiko’s favorite Asian fantasy novels (or gift card equivalent)
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